A Word From Our Pastor

A Word From The Pastor

Sherwood Family,

It is true that 2020 was a very difficult year in our nation and world. But while many things changed dramatically around us, the goodness of our God remained the same. Here at Sherwood, there are many positive things which came out of 2020. Consider these examples:

· Even as the Church had to close down for in-person worship earlier this year, we did not miss one Sunday of worship. The blessing of technology allowed us to continue worshiping the Lord together, even as we were not able to attend physically. In fact, hundreds of new people from different parts of the world have been exposed to the ministry of Sherwood as a result of our livestreams.

· People were saved in 2020! The baptistery was active throughout the year, as new believers followed the Lord in baptism.

· New ministries were started, including the food pantry which allowed our church to minister to our community during the early stages of the pandemic. We also added a Lao/Thai Ministry and a Prison Ministry to our church in the year 2020.

· We were able to add two new, wonderful staff members to our church leadership in 2020: Jill Swann and Lincoln Phongsavan. These folks have been wonderful assets to our church staff as we have navigated through these unprecedented times.

· The generous giving of Sherwood members has never let up in 2020. Along with faithful tithes and offerings given throughout the year, Sherwood smashed our goals for our Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon missions offerings!

Truly God deserves all the glory for the great things He has accomplished through us in 2020. But now we look forward to a new year – one that will hopefully see less strife and anxiety in our world. My prayer is that the families of our church would be blessed in 2021, and that God will continue to do great and mighty things through Sherwood’s ministry.

God bless you in 2021!

Bro. Robby