All Members of Sherwood Baptist are invited to sign-up for our church email list. By joining our Google Email Group, you will be receive emails from the church and other members about prayer request, announcements, and various other church related things.

With this email group, there is no need for you to manage your own mailing list and continually have to update it with new email address and you will only have to type in ONE email address to send a message to all the church members on this group.  Only members of this group can send and receive messages through this group.

There are a few ‘Terms Of Use’ guidelines that we have set up to help reduce the amount of junk mail received through this email address.  Please read over the below ‘Terms Of Use’ and if you agree to abide by them then all you have to do is start sending and receiving massages through this group.


  1. Not to be used for personal gain or political endorsements.
  2. No chain letters, poems, stories, forwards, or other of the like.


    • Prayer Request, Updates & Praises.
    • Church Related Announcements.

These ‘Terms Of Use’ are set in place to help reduce the junk mail received in and through SBC’s Official Email Group.  Please be sure that if you use our Email Group that you follow these few guidelines out of respect for those who will be receiving your email.  If your email goes against these ‘Terms Of Use,’ please use your own email list instead of the email address.


To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send the email to (This must be done FROM the email address that is registered with the group.)

Please be sure to add to your contacts to help prevent emails being sent to your junk mail folder.  Certain internet providers filter our emails before they reach your inbox.  You may check you webmail settings to correct this or contact your service provider for help.  This type of problem is beyond our ability to help.

If you ever decide you no longer wish to receive emails from this group, you may unsubscribe yourself by sending an email to