Our goal is to provide our Preschoolers with quality care in order to insure that their first experiences in church are positive.  We want them to learn to trust God and the people of God.  Preschoolers are provided with constant care and a variety of learning experiences which help them begin to learn who God is and how special they are to God.
Our Preschool Department is located on the first level of the Education Building.  It is staffed with qualified and trained volunteers who love and care for each child.  The department opens 15 minuets early and provides child care for all services.  We have three classes divided by age: Babies, 1’s & 2’s, and 3’s & 4’s.
On Sunday mornings we have Bible Study classes beginning @ 9:30 a.m.  Each class is taught Biblical principals through age-appropriate activities such as stories, music, puppets, pictures, crafts, games, and various types of play.
On Wednesday evenings we have nursery & Bible Study Classes provided during the adult Prayer and Bible Study time from 6:00 – 7:30pm. 
When a child is brought to the Preschool Department, parents are asked to sign their child in.  The parent is then given a security tag with a corresponding number assigned to their child. We require that this tag be returned by an adult in order for a child to be released.  We have pagers available for parents in case a need arises during services.  We want you to be assured that your child is well taken care of!

Upcoming Preschool Events