A Word From Our Pastor

A Word From The Pastor

Dear Sherwood Family,

Dear Sherwood Family,

In God, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” (Psalm 56:4)

This month marks a very solemn remembrance for our nation – the 20th anniversary of the horrible events of September 11, 2001. All Americans who are old enough can remember exactly where they were when they first received news of what was taking place on that day. I was sitting in a world history class at UAH when the professor walked in and said, “Now both Twin Towers have fallen.” There was a collective gasp in the room. Everyone instinctively knew that our lives and the destiny of our nation had changed in an instant.

The prevailing emotion in those early days after 9/11 was fear, very similar to the fear surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic that is still ongoing. But our response as believers to these tragedies and concerns does not have to be defined by our fear. After all, as this verse from Psalm 56 tells us, “In God I trust and am not afraid.” Because we have put our faith in the Lord and His Word, we know that the very worst that can happen in this life is incomparable to the eternal glory that awaits those who love Jesus.

As we reflect on the tragedies and evil of 9/11, let’s remember to thank God for our freedoms, to pray for our leaders, and to be confident that God’s protection over our lives is never-ending.

Sherwood, let’s pray with urgency, live in faithfulness to God, and never stop building the Kingdom.

Bro. Robby